HIV Testing Services & Linkage to Prevention, Care, Treatment and Support

HIV Testing Services

The HTS are provided through a mix of modalities including Client Initiated Testing and Counselling (CITC), Community Based HIV Testing Services (CBHTS), Index client testing and partner notification model and Provider-Initiated Testing and Counselling (PITC) provided in both health facilities and community settings.


  • Intensify existing and/or identify new alternative service delivery models for HTS.
  • Scale up targeted HIV testing
  • Strengthen health systems to support HTS
  • Address human resource needs for the scaling up.
  • Service delivery models that have proved to and/or can increase uptake of HIV testing services and improve yield will be intensified and/or introduced to meet the fast track target for HIV testing (first 90).

Linkage to HIV Prevention, Care, Treatment and Support Services

HIV testing presents an opportunity to identify client’s HIV status and link them to appropriate services. The national guidelines recommend post-test counselling for all clients in order to continue to provide prevention, care and support services. HTS providers are either sending a client who is found to be HIV positive to care, treatment and support through a referral form, or by escorting them the clinic. Feedback is provided through the referral feedback form.


  • Enhance post-test counselling to ensure effective referral to care and treatment services. 20 (HSHSP IV) 2017–2022
  • Establish effective referral and linkage to prevention and care, treatment and support services.
  • Improve integration of data between testing and treatment centre. • Strengthen post-testing clubs.