Statement from PM

Welcome, all to the Tanzanian National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) official website. The website is a platform for enhancing everyone’s access to information on HIV, AIDS, and STI.s, generated in Tanzania. This website was first uploaded in April 2006 with the aim of sharing its HIV, AIDS and STI materials to the general public within and outside the country. As you are all aware that more than twenty years have elapsed since the 3 AIDS cases were first identified in Tanzania.

The AIDS epidemic is one of the greatest challenges facing our generation and it is a threat to human development requiring a commitment by every one of us. The spread of HIV infection across the country is heterogeneous and heterosexual varying widely by geographical location and by population sub-groups.

The epidemic has been more severe in certain vulnerable groups especially women, children, youth, sex workers and migrant populations. The age group 20 to 49 years remains the most affected for both sexes signifying high sexual activity among this age group.

AIDS crisis continues to grow in Tanzania despite efforts that have been recorded in key interventions such as increased coverage for sexually transmitted infections (STI) management, mainly through the improvement of treatment services and blood safety. Others include increased knowledge and awareness, promotion and availability of condoms, expanded care and treatment for people living with HIV and AIDS, increased testing and counseling services, home-based care services, prevention of HIV transmission from mother to child and monitoring mechanism. Since there is no vaccine, and no cure to-date, every one of us is required to search for HIV and AIDS knowledge and take the right steps to reduce our chance of getting the HIV virus.

In this website, you will be able to freely download most of the publications produced by the NACP over the recent years which include, national guidelines, surveillance reports, strategic framework documents, Research reports, newsletters, leaflets, selected research articles. I believe you will visit our website and read this valuable knowledge, share it to others and eventually take control of your health. People living with HIV and AIDS need access to information and education on how to be healthy and treat their opportunistic infections for longer life. I am kindly requesting all visitors with any comments to improve the website to provide them here.